Mini Playdough Kits -- Gingerbread, Sheep, Mermaid, Pirate

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Whether you are looking for an activity to keep little hands and minds occupied in play, the perfect party favor (send us a message for custom orders) or your searching for the perfect gift, these Mini Playdough Kits are a must!  

Handmade in the USA by the Make & Magic Playdough Co. or Earth Grown Kid Doughs, these gently scented doughs come with themed pieces to inspire creativity! 

All playdough is made to order and is non-toxic.  Purchase includes a handout designed by pediatric occupational and physical therapists with ways to promote hand strengthening!
Choose from the following: 
Boho Gingerbread Mini:  Decorate a gingerbread woman with funky florals, jewels, and boho vibes. Dough is cinnamon and ginger scented. The kit includes: • 1 gingerbread cookie cutter • light twine and peppermints • resin flowers • Candy cane and daisy confetti in 6oz dough.
Counting Sheep Mini:  Infused with Doterra Essential Oils, this kit will calm the senses before nap or bedtime. 8 oz Kit Includes: 3 Sheep 1 cookie cutter 1 fence 3 foam glitter balls Lavender infused playdough.
Mermaid Mini:  Let’s Shellebrate! Underwater Mermaid Mini will bring endless play with it’s pink-themed kit. The kit includes: • 1 mermaid • 2 underwater animals • shells, jewels, and greenery • Shell clay in 6oz dough.
Pirate Mini:  Ahoy! Underwater Pirate Mini is filled with fun to inspire endless play. The kit includes: • 1 pirate coin and gold coins • 2 underwater animals • stones and greenery • Pirate clay in 6oz dough.
Snowman Mini:  Build a Frosty Snowman and accessorize him with a Carrot nose, arms, buttons, and a hat!

Our sensory doughs are designed to inspire imagination and promote open ended sensory play. They are recommended for Ages 3+. The perfect fine motor toys for preschoolers!

Shopping for the Holidays? Look no further! Our playdough kits make fantastic stocking stuffers and gifts for kids. They are sure to be one of the favorite toys they receive for Christmas or Hanukkah.